Actionable steps that startup founders — both first-timers and seasoned — have taken to raise funds themselves

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Fundraising can be a daunting task for most first-time founders. …

USHOPAL, a leading new luxury beauty and new retail group in China, has announced the completion of another $100 million USD round of financing, driving up its investment pool to $200 million USD, aimed to support USHOPAL’s portfolio brands’ rapid growth in China and the Asia Pacific.

The leading investor…

Inside Chinaccelerator: 10 Years of Cross Border Excellence

Happy 10th-anniversary Chinaccelerator! 🎉

Over the last 10 years, we have strived tirelessly to help founders from across the world in their entrepreneurial journey, to foster and to contribute to the ever-growing startup ecosystem, and to support early-stage startups. In the last 10 years, over 160 startups have gone through…

Entrepreneurship is like steering a ship on the ocean. Pivoting occurs when the captain decides to shift the direction to accommodate changes, be it a furious storm or an iceberg.

In the startup world, it’s relatively unrealistic to believe that your first approach to address the problem is the best…

Contrary to popular belief, raising venture capital is not easy. With big money flowing into lucrative startups, it is often easy to think that VCs are sitting with their checkbook ready to sign a check for any founder that walks in through their doors. But that is not the case…

Written by Eva Shi, Communications Manager at Chinaccelerator and Producer of the China Startup Pulse Podcast.

A new, brilliant business idea doesn’t come from clueless imagination and perceptions. That’s why you need to test the market and validate your assumptions with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).

Trouble is, many founders…

This is an edited summary of an 8-min talk given by Shirley Mao, Head of India Investment at Xiaomi, during Chinaccelerator’s 8X8 Speakers Series event in September 2019. The views expressed by Shirley are her own and not related to Xiaomi Corporation.

You can check out the talk video here.

What Chinese startups can teach their global peers

While things start to go back to normal in China, the virus crisis continues to unfold across the globe. Silicon Valley is shutting down as local governments order people to stay in their homes. Small and medium startups are likely going to…

“India is like an open game for every single social company in the world because its millennials have not been tapped”

— — Prakhar Khanduja

Interviewee: Prakhar Khanduja

  • Indian 3x serial entrepreneur with multiple exits;
  • His last two social and content startups, InstaLively (world’s first live streaming app for YouTube)…


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